Save money by doing less!
How is this possible?

BlueMailCentral can reduce the costs for your outgoing mail by up to 50%. We do this by sending your mail digitally to be printed and posted as near as possible to its destination. This saves you time, effort and money.

Does this sounds appealing to you?
Discover how you can save money on your daily mail by reading the 5 points below.

5 types of savings


Save by doing less
You will save a lot of time and therefore money when you send a document (letter, invoice etc) you have created via BlueMailCentral instead of printing, folding, inserting, licking, stamping and sending it out yourself. By uploading it directly from your computer to us we remove all of these tedious and time consuming tasks – you don’t even have to go to the post office ever again to send letters. This can reduce the time spent on your daily mail by up to 95%, what results in more time to conduct your business.


Save on printing costs
The printing costs and maintenance of a regular office printer are heavily underestimated by most people. The cost of a black and white print using a standard laser printer is on average € 0.06 excluding paper, we have an average price of € 0.04 including paper.
The cost of a full color print using a standard color laser printer can be as much as € 0.35 per page, whereas we can do it for an average of € 0.15 per page. An immediate reduction on your color printing costs can be realized up to 50%.


Save on your international mail
BlueMailCentral has a printing and distribution network in 45 countries (and growing) enabling us to print in the country of destination instead of the country of origin. This saves money on international stamps and it will save you a lot of transit time as well which results in faster payments of your invoices.


Save on office supplies
You can eliminate the need for most office supplies and the rental of a franking machine if you use BlueMailCentral. You won’t have to buy toners, envelopes, paper and stamps anymore. If your stationary needs to be replaced because of outdate information you can do this instantly. All these things will save you a lot of money and office space.


Prevent unnecessary use of company resources
Because you will have complete control of all outgoing daily mail you will be able to prevent any unnecessary use of your companies resources. You’re able to see who sends out what and any usage that’s not work related can be readily identified.

Download the software

Easy to use

We have developed our own software to make sure it’s easy to use and install. It works with almost any Windows application by installing a printer driver on your computer which acts as a virtual printer. When you print a document using this printer it sends it to the BlueMail program which extracts the address automatically and allows you to make some last minute changes to the print settings. When you’re satisfied you can send the document on its way by clicking the “send “ button. That’s how easy it is!

Do you want to give it a try? Download the software for free.

It’s also possible to fully automate this process by using our API. For more information about the usage of our API you can contact us to receive the API manual at Anti-Spam-Click

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