How to send a letter using BlueMailCentral

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BlueMailCentral Tutorials
Sending a letter How to send and upload a letter to the server. We’ll also show how to set the print settings.

Local Outbox Here you can see all the mail that has been sent to the program but hasn’t been uploaded yet. You can change the print settings of the documents before you upload them.

Post Office In the Post Office you can view documents that are uploaded to the server but haven’t been processed yet. You can cancel the document until the document is being processed.

Undeliverable Mail Lists mail that has been returned to sender and the reason why it has returned to sender.

Online Archive How to view a previously sent letter. All sent letters will be in the archive regardless of them being delivered, cancelled or undelivered. The Online Archive will save your documents for 30 days.

Mail Merge How to make a mail merge and send it to the program. You will see that the program will split the files into separate documents. When all the files are separated they will be uploaded to the server simultaneously.

Upload Front page You can design and upload your own personal front page. When you‘ve uploaded the front page it will apply for all your letters. No image will be used if you leave the front page blank.

PLEASE NOTE: The link in the movie is outdated. Please use this link to the sample frontpage.

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