Licensing the BlueMailsoftware

BlueMailCentral Software License.

Companies around the world are always looking for a new way to generate business and revenue. We offer your organization that opportunity by licensing our software. By licensing our software you also become a part of the BlueMailCentral hybrid mail network.

Your own Branded Hybrid Mail Software:

BlueMail enables you to license hybrid mail software so you will be able to offer your customers a domestic and an international hybrid mail network. BlueMail will integrate your own logo and lay-out to match your current brand strategy. Moreover we will translate the software and create a new mini site that matches your website with all the information which is currently available on the BlueMail website. Your customers will be able to access all the in and outs of your hybrid mail service in their own Language.

Generate more revenue.

Postal organizations continuously review processes and procedures to minimize physical handling of mail items in an effort to increase systems' throughput and efficiencies’. With an increasing number of internet users every day new possibilities appear and a new way of postal mail service is demanded by customers. BlueMail is the first step towards serving your customers demands for today and tomorrow. By creating a trust branded hybrid mail network in addition to the regular postal mail service a new way of generating revenue will be established.

Reduce operational costs

You are able to connect multiple print locations in just a matter of minutes. This enables you to operate locally and think globally while minimizing physical handling. Moreover there will be a reduce in your overall transport cost and you will be able to cover rural areas in a costs efficient way.

Shared revenue

BlueMail enables your organization to share letters and distribution paths with other BlueMail license holders. If your customers send postal mail international there is a revenue share between you and the other license holder.

Serve niche markets:

The BlueMail software is so versatile that we can add new functionalities to the software on demand, which will expand your customers possibilities and will increase your target group. You can also benefit from other license holders developments within the BlueMail license network upon agreement

For Printing Companies

Printing companies are always looking for new innovative way's to keep their services updated. With the BlueMail software you can keep up with your customers demands to simplify the way of handing in data to print. The BlueMail software will create a new revenue stream and it's all automated. You will be able expand your current services by offering a new way of collecting data.

Generate more print orders.

Use the BlueMail software to collect and transfer data from your customers to your print company. When your customers want to send data to print, the software enables them to do it in a easy, fast and efficient way. When offering the new service you have a way to distinguish yourself from competitors and you will be able to expand your business and appeal to new target groups.

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