Global postal news
New pricing for the UK
We have altered the pricing for the UK in correspondence with the Royal Mail's price increase. Read more

How is BlueMailCentral greener?

Everything that normally needs to be done to get an envelope in the letter box is now done digitally. How much greener this is, is hard to calculate, but you can imagine that eliminating extra weight in trucks and planes as well as your own drive to the mailbox saves Co2. Read more here

Do you use recycled paper?

Yes, all our prints are on mixed resources paper. But all paper is white, like you are used to.

Can I have more info on the enviroment issues regarding BlueMailCentral?
What do I do when I receive spam or malicious letters?
If you receive any spam or malicious letters asking for bank details or personal information please report this to us! We don't allow such content to be send by our customers and if they do we will permanently close down the account of the person responsible for this letter. You can send a copy of the letter to us and we will investigate the claim. Please go to the contact page for our contact details. Top
Changes in color after printing a document from PDF/Word.
Occasionally, when you print a document to the BlueMailCentral software, the colors can be slightly altered due to the compression of the image (compression is used to reduce the size of an image, this can result in loss of image quality and is the cause of the slight color changes that can occur). Most of the time you can prevent this by changing the image format to “.tif” before printing it to the BlueMailCentral software. Alternatively, go to the Adobe Reader printer menu and select “Printer color management” under the “advanced” button. Top
How can I see if my letter will be send to the correct country?
If you want to send a letter to a foreign country you have to make sure that the name of the country is placed on the last address line separately. When the software recognizes the country name the corresponding flag will be placed on top of the document icon in the Locale Outbox.

If a country name isn’t recognized by the software you can let us know at Top
Do I have to use the Adobe Acrobat reader or do similar programs work as well?
Yes, you do have to install the Adobe Acrobat reader when you want to install and use BlueMailCentral. Some parts of the BlueMail software are dependent on features of Adobe Acrobat. Without Adobe Acrobat the software will not function properly. Similar readers can’t be used because it’s difficult to take all the different settings per reader in account, too many things could go wrong. Top
The image looks distorted in the PDF document.
Disable transparency of the image in MS Word. Top
There is a warning: “Invalid PDF”.
The document may contain a ".gif" image. Remove this image or convert the image into ".jpg" format and try again. (WordArt is also a ".gif") Top
Is it necessary to have a DSL or a Cable connection to use BlueMailCentral?
No, but it is recommended. You can save a lot of upload time by minimizing the use of images. Top
Is there an Apple MAC version of BlueMailCentral software?
Almost, we have received quite a lot of requests for Mac software and this is currently being developed. Top
Is the software simple to install and set up?
Yes, anybody can install the software. Within some companies you have to ask the system administrator to give you to rights or he/she should install the software for you. Top
I cannot see a preview of my letter.
Close the software and retry. If the problem persists, reinstall the latest version here. Top
Which interbrowsers can I use?
Internet explorer 6.0 and above or FireFox 3.0 and above. Top
Can I use BlueMailCentral on another computer?
Yes, you can have multiple installations with one account. Only the letters that have not been sent to the server yet, will not be visible on the other computers. Top
Can I start using BlueMailCentral right away?
Yes, you can send a letter within 10 minutes. Top
How do I sign up
Click on registration and follow the instructions. Top
How do I install the software?
Download the software the homepage and run install. Top
How long does it take to deliver my letter?
We offer your letter to the local postal service on the same day you send the letter to us. It all depends on the local post services. For most developed countries it's 2 or 3 days. For other countries it can be longer. Top
Do you read my mail?
No, all mail is handled automatically. In theory somebody could open the envelope and read the letter. Like your regular mailman. Top
Will it work with any word processing software?
Yes! Top
Why is my post delivered by the regular postal company and not by you?
We do everything that you would normally do to get the envelope in the mail. The rest is for the local postal service. Top
What is the bar code on the side of my letter?
That is used for the automatic envelope inserter. Top
What if I don't want an item posted?
There are 2 locations where you can recall a letter. Both can be found in the container application: the local Outbox and the Post Office. If your letter is also not listed on the server then it has been sent. Top
What can I send?
Anything printable. Top
The upload to the website has frozen, what do I do?
Restart the software and see if you can find your letter in the container application. If the letter isn't listed, then it's not processed. It is listed, check if it is okay and it will be sent normally. Top
My letter won’t print. What should I do?

First try it with an empty letter, if that works, there is something wrong with the document. Copy/paste the document into a new document and see if that helps. Otherwise mail us the document in question so that we can solve your problem and learn from it. Obviously your letter is treated as confidential. Send your mail to

My address/letter/photo has been covered over, why?
The automatic inserters use a bar code to insert your letters in the envelope. The bar code is placed automatically on the extreme left or right, depending on the country of destination. If you use regular margins then there shouldn't be a problem. Top
Is undeliverable post returned?
The post is returned to our physical location in the country of destination. The envelope is destroyed without us opening it. You will receive a message with the reason of non delivery. Top
Is there a limit to the size of the file I can send?
No, but for your own uploading comfort you might want to beware of pictures larger then required. Top
Is there a cut-off time for printing?
Yes, depending on the time zone you are sending post to. This can be seen in the container application. Top
I have received an error report, what does it mean?
You receive an error report in your container application when a letter failed to be delivered. E.g. the addressee moved. Top
I have received a letter sent through the service, what does this mean for me?
For you personally nothing, except you might want to follow the sender’s example and start using Top
I have forgotten my password.
No problem, Click here Top
I am not a company, can I still use the service?
Yes, please. Top
I am an organisation with many employees, can I have different accounts?
Yes, you can link user accounts to departments and departments to branches. The branches are connected to a financial account. Top
How many pages can I send within my letter?
6 sheets. That makes 12 pages. Top
How many letters can I send?
Unlimited within the boundaries of your deposit. Top
How is this different from e-mail?
The easiest way is to imagine that today is your birthday and somebody sends you a happy birthday e-mail. Now imagine that somebody sends you a real Birthday card. See, that's the difference. Top
What does the envelope look like?
How is post actually delivered?
Using the normal local postal service. Top
How does BlueMailCentral work?
You send us the data via our unique printer driver software, then all data is transferred to the server that automatically prepares your letter to be printed and mailed in the country of destination. Top
How do I know my letter has been sent?
With the BlueMailCentral application, you can see the status of your letter. Click on the Outbox or the Post office button. Top
How do I create a letter?
Simply do all the things you normally do when using your own printer. Only now choose the BlueMailCentral printer driver. Top
Do I need any special hardware to use BlueMailCentral?
No, as long as it runs XP or Vista. Other OS coming soon! Top
Do I have to scan my letter?
No, simply print the letter like you are used to. Top
Do I have to limit the length of the address?
No, but try to use regulated address format. Top
Do all letters have to be folded?
Yes, we use half paper size envelopes, this saves extra on the postal rates. Top
Can I use my own envelopes?
No, but you can use our customizable front page to create your own look and feel. Examples Top
Can I use Mail merge? – on the web / through the driver?
You can use mail merge through the driver. Also see our online demo for further instructions. Top
Can I use BlueMailCentral for mail shots?
Yes you can. Top
Can I send letters to Military Forces Posted in in the field?
Not yet, This is obviously bound to strict rules, but we are working on it. One country at a time! Top
Can I send letters to anywhere in the world?
Yes! Top
Can I send double sided letters?
Yes, double or single, it's up to you. Double sided is of course cheaper. Top
Can I send a letter from my laptop, or a different computer when I'm abroad?
Yes, it doesn't matter where you are. Even if you are in a country where we don't have any local operatives. Top
Can I select the colour / type of paper?
No, we use one type only, but you can use any background color you want in your own design. Top
Can I retrieve my letter?

Yes, but only if it has not been processed yet. Simply go to the container application, look for your letter in the local outbox, if it's not there look for your letter in the Post office. If it's also not there, you are too late. Otherwise simply press details->cancel. No money will be deducted from your account.

Can I resend my letter?
Yes, either use your original document or go to the container application, look for your letter in the archives click details, download and print the letter as usual. The archive feature is only available within a 2 month period after you have sent the original letter. Top
Can I include signatures and photos in the body of the letter?
Yes, click the link for more information about adding your signature in MS Word (External link) Top
Can I have my letter-head on my mail?
Yes, you can create any layout you want, as if you were printing the letter yourself. Top
Can I forward a letter from my E-Mail?
No, but you can print your email to the BlueMailCentral printer. Top
Can I forward a letter from my Mobile Phone?
No, not yet, We are looking for the right partner to develop software for various mobile phones. Top
Can I forward a letter from my Blackberry?
No, not yet. We are looking for the right partner to develop the blackberry software. Top
Program installation
DotNet Framework 3.5
It could be possible that the software asks to install DotNet Framework during the installation of the BlueMailCentral software. U can download the DotNet Framework software for free on the Microsoft website. We recommend to install DotNet Framework 3.5 or higher. Top
What are the operating system requirements for BlueMail?
BlueMail will work on any Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system. Top
What is a print driver?
A piece of software that normally controls your own printer, in this case you control every BlueMailCentral printer in the world!! Top
What do I have to do to use the service?
Download the software, open an account, place a deposit and of you go. Top
How long does it take to download and install the software?
5 to 10 minutes depending on your internet connection. Top
Does it use .Net? Why? Which version?

Yes, we use .Net 2.0. This version is installed on your computer with Service Pack 2 from Microsoft.

Do you offer special discounts for non-profit organisations or universities?
Please contact us for more information. Top
What is included in the price?
Everything! No hidden costs. Top
Is there a subscription fee?
No, you only pay what you use. Top
I wish to stop using the service, what do I need to do?
Just stop using the service. If there are any funds left in the deposit you can have them refunded. Top
I did not receive my letter/ my letter was damaged can I get a refund?
Although technically it’s not our problem if your letter was damaged during post delivery (because handled by the local postal service) we do have a customer relationship arrangement. Please mail your findings to Top
How long are your contracts?
We don't work on a contract basis, you simply use the service or you don't. No strings attached. Top
How do I get my deposit back?
How do I pay?
You place a deposit and we will deduct the charges from the deposit. If you want the deposit back, you simply request a refund. (Always granted, no questions asked) Top
Can I share my driver and my account?
Yes you can, but this can be tricky, because you have to pay the bill. It's better to use the(free) Business account options. That's one business account but multiple users and you can see how much each user has spent. If you don't want to split the bill you will have to open separate accounts. Top
How much do I pay for the software?
The software is free! Top
Is there a limit to the amount of credit I can upload?
No, feel free to upload what ever amount you want. Top
How much money can I save?
You can save money on international stamps, you wont have to buy envelopes and stamps and BlueMailCentral is much cheaper then you or any other emloyee who has to handle the mailing. Top
How can I save time?
You don’t have to go to the local post office to get your stamps or envelopes. Mailing are sent within minutes instead of hours. You won't even have to leave your chair to send out the mail! And international post is at the addressee within 2-3 days instead of 2 weeks. Top
How can I save money?
With BlueMailCentral you save time and money on postal rates and international delivery time. You or your secretary can do other work that can be invoiced. Your invoices are sent immediately thus your money will arrive sooner. Top
I didn't recieve the full refund, why did you hold money back?
We didn't, we don't charge anything for a refund. Most likely your bank has deducted money for their services. Check you account sheet or contact your bank. Top
Can I buy the BlueMailCentral software?
No, the software is free to use, but the rights remain with Top